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Friday, April 2, 2010

Okay Dea, how 'bout you help me with my Qi?

So here are some long overdue photos of the humble abode. There's not much to it; it's a loft for cryin' out loud! I think the flow is good though--what do you think? No mirrors facing the door! Anyone else wishing to chime in, please do so! Also, I'm looking for suggestions on drapery color. I have bought several sets of panels and have taken them all back! They're about to end up a dark espresso and be left at that! Photos of the sleeping quarters to follow. The last pic is the birdcage you gave me with my beautiful stuffed bird, Matcha. Ain't she adorable??? The crystal you gave me lives next to Matcha. So?

Oh! And P.S. - Anyone interested in that TV stand? It's for sale! :)


Mdhoeppner said...

I love your place, super cute! As to your curtains - you have such a beautiful gold clock that I think you could pull in more. If you kept the curtain a reddish with Gold tints I think it would really pull a lot of your elements together :) just my thoughts! Something like this is what I was thinking:


I believe the brand is Home Chenille.

You have a super cute place!!

Kuniko said...

Thank you! You see Dea didn't even bother to reply. Punk. Really? You think reddish/gold? I am going to check this link...